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We offer a Healthy Feet Programme

Dairy Co Healthy Feet Programme

Dairy Health feet Programme
By Nick Rowe | Mobility Mentor

According to Dutch + US research, cows require 14 hours daily of lying time during which they rest and ruminate. If this target is met there are 10 hours per day left where all other activities (eating, drinking, loafing and milking) can be carried out.

The Healthy Feet Programme has been a good opportunity to gain a clearer insight into lameness prevalence on farms and to further investigate causes of it.

Feedback nationally has shown two significant findings:

  • Herds where cows standing time before and after milking was high (4-6 hours daily) the prevalence of solar ulcers was also high (60-80% overall lameness)
  • When cows standing time before and or after milking is reduced, overall mobility score and solar ulcer prevalence reduces.

It is estimated the cost of a solar ulcer is £400 in reduced yield, condition loss, treatment costs, labour and the increased culling risk.

It is advisable that cows should not be forced to stand for more than 2 and a half hours total daily and a maximum of 1 and a quarter hours at any one time.


Is Lameness a Problem in Your Herd?

We can help, please ring and discuss, prevention is always better than cure. We can help with independent mobility scoring and advice on lameness prevention.