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Farm Services

We offer a wide range of farm services

Our Services

Our strong belief is that disease is best prevented and as such we offer farm specific pro-active advice on all areas of animal health and particularly the main problem areas of:

Integral to this pro-active approach is Herd health planning.

  • Seven dedicated farm vets providing full 24 hour cover

  • Friendly and efficient Veterinary Support Staff

  • Regular fertility visits with goggle or screen scanners, Fertility Analysis using Interherd Plus and Total Vet & Interherd Bureau fertility management plan

  • Bull breeding soundness examinations including semen testing

  • In house laboratory & Close links with external labs for disease investigation/screening and blood profiles

  • Milk record analysis using Interherd, Interherd Plus and TotalVet & Dairyco Mastitis control plan

  • Free herd worming and vaccination advice & Advice on purchasing animals and Biosecurity

  • TB testing

  • Regular annual farmer meetings for advice and information on current issuses & Regular newsletters about offers and issues

  • Competitively priced prescription and non-prescription veterinary medicines

We are proud to be a member of mydairyvet.com, please find more up to date information for UK dairy farmers.